Spring is the Time for Potholes

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Potholes and Colorado Springs City streets are much like peanut butter and jelly.  They just go together.  As we are finally entering in to spring, potholes become an increasing problem.  Below are a few guidelines on when to have your car inspected after an unfortunate meeting with the newest neighbor on your block, the pothole.

The Surprise Factor

Oh surprises, how much we love you.  Think about all the times you were heading in to work, taking the same exact route and all of a sudden, a new pothole is just waiting for you.  Because you aren’t expecting it, you hit it, hard.  So the question is, when should I see if there is damage to my vehicle?  Hard hits on potholes can cause a myriad of issues.  Anywhere from blown tires, damaged rims, to bent underbody components.  If the vehicle doesn’t seem to be driving any differently and your steering wheel is lined up correctly, it’s okay to wait and make an appointment for a quick check.  That small fee at a repair shop can save you thousands in repair bills if not addressed quickly.

The Speed Factor

Speed can play a big part in the damage sustained from a collision with a pothole.  We have seen anywhere from skid plates and bumper damage to bent oil pans.  Depending on the depth of the pothole and the speed at which it’s hit, unseen damage may occur.  If you notice fluid or have something dragging under your car, make a call to your repair facility immediately.  If it’s a fluid leak, you will likely need to tow it to the shop so additional damage can be avoided.

The Did it Just Grow Overnight Factor

Wait, wasn’t that pothole just a little tiny thing yesterday?  Now it’s taking up the entire lane!  And, I just hit the dang thing.  In this case, that pothole is unavoidable.  It happens.  If you feel like you need to have someone inspect for damage, call your local shop and tell them exactly what happened.  I can guarantee you, every single person there has hit a pothole.  They won’t judge you, especially if you are completely honest with what happened and what noises/feelings you are having now.

The Trying to Avoid Factor

Trying to avoid a pothole can sometimes cause much larger problems.  It can cause collisions with curbs, or even other cars.  Hitting a curb can cause anywhere from tire damage to bent subframes.  Often insurance may need to be contacted, especially if the hit left your vehicle undrivable.  If that’s the case, call a tow truck right away.  Don’t try to drive your vehicle home.   It can cause additional damage.

We all know potholes are unavoidable, but contact with them can damage your vehicle.  Living in Colorado Springs, having your alignment checked at least once a year (more if you hit a pothole) can help extend the life of your tires and keep your vehicle driving straight down the road.  It’s always good advice to err on the side of caution when it comes to your vehicle.  If you feel like you need to have it looked at, make an appointment with a repair facility.  Not only will that give you peace of mind, but it will also keep your car in tip-top shape.