Marlowe’s HR Intuition at Autosmith

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When Darren and Jamie Dodd purchased Autosmith in September 2014, they knew one thing.  They wanted Autosmith to include their dogs.  Autosmith: Professional Auto Service serves downtown Colorado Springs with expert Asian, European and Domestic auto repair.  They specialize in all things mechanical from oil change services, brakes, all the way to full engine and transmission replacement.

With that being said, meet Marlowe.  Marlowe has become Autosmith’s shop dog in the short time she has lived with Darren and Jamie Dodd, COO and Director of Business Services at Autosmith.  Marlowe is a Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier and has been the welcoming committee for Autosmith since she started work in November of 2016.

Marlowe is also part of the HR department at Autosmith.  Along with background testing, drug testing, and skills testing, all employees must be “Marlowe Approved” to work at Autosmith.  If Marlowe doesn’t like them, we know they aren’t going to be a good fit in our family environment.

If you don’t know much about the Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier breed, don’t feel alone.  There aren’t many in Colorado Springs.  From Jamie’s perspective, it’s hard to understand why.  “They are a funny breed.  We spend hours laughing at the antics of Marlowe.  She keeps us on our toes, yet instinctively knows when we need a snuggle or a hug.”  Bred as a farm dog in Ireland, Wheaten terriers bring energy and playfulness throughout their lives.

One thing about the breed, they are very intuitive.  “We have noticed Marlowe just isn’t a fan of some people.  That intuition has proven itself time and time again.  When she isn’t a fan, we know, she makes sure to tell us.”

She hasn’t been wrong yet.  There have been about 5 applicants through the years that were not Marlowe approved.  Autosmith chose to pass on those applicants because background checks verified Marlowe’s intuition.

“Marlowe didn’t know what she was getting into when we brought her to work right after she came home with us.”  Not only is Marlowe the official mascot of Autosmith, she is also the social butterfly, Instagram star and all around personality for the shop.  You will find Marlowe jumping at the gate in the back office, ready for a playful lick and scratch behind the ears.

“We bring Marlowe to work with us 4 days a week,” says Jamie.  “She gets an extra day off to attend doggie daycamp.  This helps burn that wheaten energy and keeps her socialized with other dogs.”

As a dog friendly facility in Colorado Springs, Autosmith has many canine visitors throughout the week.  “We see all breeds of dogs and Marlowe loves every one of them.”

Jamie continues, “We never dreamed Marlowe would become such a big part of Autosmith.  She has become more than just a pet, she’s the glue that holds the team together.  Every morning my technicians get to work early for Marlowe snuggles.  Our customers keep coming back just to check in with Marlowe.  Like us, they love her exuberance and joy for life.”