From Turkeys to Christmas Trees

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The holidays are just around the corner. As I am writing this, Thanksgiving is 2 short days away, Hanukkah is 21 days away, Christmas is 34 days away and the New Year, just 41 days away. It seems like 2017 has flown by. When I think holidays, I think food, family, presents, laughter, light. I have always loved celebrating the holidays.

This time of year also brings snow, ice, wind and unpredictable road surfaces. Oftentimes we feel confident in our vehicle’s ability to keep us on the road. Much of that depends on you! Yes, vehicles now have anti-lock brakes as standard equipment, traction control that will monitor when you have tire slippage, lane warnings in some of the newer cars, etc. I want to give you a little insight about tires so you are prepared for whatever holiday travel you may have.

Tires are more than just rubber. They are specially designed for better traction, water removal, staying power on icy roads. Did you know, all season tires designed for Texas can be different than all season tires designed for Colorado?

The silica content in tires designed for snow and ice is higher. “According to a paper on this issue in the journal Rubber World: ‘The use of silica can result in a reduction in rolling resistance of 20% and can also improve wet skid performance by as much as 15%, substantially improving braking distances at the same time.’

Silica also provides substantial benefits when used in winter and all-season tires. Silica-silane compounds remain much more flexible at low temperatures, making them ideal for winter tire compounds, and producing low rolling resistance winter tires with the same miraculous grip and wear resistance. Together with new techniques of cutting siping patterns, this has produced a revolution in the tire industry that has basically destroyed all the old rules and set everything we used to know on its ear.” (

I know, a bit technical, but important information if you are looking to replace tires on your vehicle. Not all tires are created equal. It’s important to take the time and discuss exactly what you are looking for when you purchase your next set of tires. Think about:

-How quiet do I want my ride?
-What kind of winter driving do I plan on doing?
-Am I okay having a rougher ride or do I want it a smooth as possible?
-What kind of vehicle do I have, is it all wheel drive, front wheel drive, rear wheel drive?
-What’s my price point? If it’s on the lower end, do I have time to budget so I can get a more responsive tire?
-Do I want to purchase road hazard?

At Autosmith, we offer expert advice on tires, asking you these questions to make sure we select the right fit for your needs. Wherever you decide to purchase tires, make sure you are educated on what the tire can do for you. Don’t just select a tire based on price alone. Tires are an investment into the safety of you and your family. Make sure you have the absolute best option, within your budget, available for your vehicle.