Accepting and Embracing Change

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As many of you know, downtown Colorado Springs has been in construction purgatory for several months.  Fortunately, we are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel.  With the improvements under the street, the city has announced major improvements to Pikes Peak adding bike lanes, better pedestrian walkways and updated parking.  Even more exciting, we are getting a new “moon-about” at the intersection of Pikes Peak and Colorado.  Access to Autosmith will be be improved and our customers will soon enjoy safer accessibility to work and shopping.

Sometimes change is hard.  It’s hard, as a business, to accept a new normal.  This is where we have the opportunity to choose to react or respond.  Reaction would dictate that we would see this as a horrible idea.  We would lose some of the traffic on Pikes Peak because the new improvements takes Pikes Peak from 4 lanes to 2.  Immediately we would panic and spend all our energy expecting the worst.

Response gives us the opportunity to utilize the changes to better serve our customers.  With the new addition of safe bike lanes, we can start offering loaner bikes, in addition to our loaner cars, for those that need to get back to work, get some exercise or go shopping.  We are excited that our customers will have safer access into the heart of downtown.

Responding to situations has given us the opportunity to continue to grow, provide better services and make an impact in our community.  Join us as we celebrate the changes downtown.  New housing, new business and most importantly a passionate revitalization for the heart of our city.  It really is a wonderful place to live!



Jamie Dodd, CPC
Owner, Autosmith Colorado Springs