Love it or not, and we know most of you love it; Marlowe has become our official Shop Dog. If you follow us on social media (which you should, it’s great content) Marlowe is heavily featured. Not only is she involved in the process of repair, but she is our greeter, chief licker and all around good dog.  Check her out on Instagram, and Facebook.

Marlowe is a Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier. A dog bred more than 200 years ago as an Irish farm dog. She is “hypoallergenic” meaning she doesn’t shed-which is awesome. Wheaten Terriers are outgoing, funny dogs that rarely meets a stranger. Marlowe definitely falls in that category.

If she isn’t offering her “wheaten-greetin” she’s up in her window watching for bunnies or taking a nap.

As the official “Shop Dog” Marlowe also loves kids and has some automotive safety tips for them and links to important sites for more information.

*Always Buckle Up! Did you know that a using a car seat properly can reduce the risk of deaths to infants under the age of one by 71% according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention? Learn more facts:

*Kids may not like booster seats, but they can save their lives.  Did you know that the bones in your child’s hips aren’t fully developed until they are 12-13 years old?  It matters because the lap part of the belt can slip up onto their stomachs causing injuries to their abdominal organs.

Find more information on why a properly fitting seat belt is so important:

Marlowe’s HR intuition at Autosmith