Gaining Confidence in the Repair Process-Part 1

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Let’s talk about the repair process. Today we are going to look at part one of the repair process, so you know what to expect when you take your car in for service or repair. At Autosmith, we do things a little differently, so I’m going to use us as an example.

Step One: The Need

The repair process typically starts with a need. The need can be anywhere from I need an oil service, my car won’t start, the lights on my dash are flashing at me, my car isn’t running right, I tapped a curb on the icy roads, to my car just started making a funny noise. Those needs vary in levels of emergency for you as the customer. If your car won’t start, that’s an emergency!

Step Two: The Research

Research has become part of our culture. We research everywhere we are going. From restaurants to hotels, hair salons to doctors. One of the most researched industries is auto repair. Research, ratings, and reviews have helped weed out the great and the not so great shops. Autosmith is proud to have 5 star ratings on both Google and Yelp and many of our new customers comment on how those factors led them to make the phone call.

Step Three: The Call

The call is one of the most important pieces of the repair process. It’s the opportunity for the repair facility to put their best foot forward. How you are treated in that initial call will set the stage for the entire process. If you feel, at any time, that you aren’t cared about, this is the best time to walk away. We try really hard to understand what’s going on with your car and schedule a time for you to bring it in so we can accurately diagnose any issue you may be having. By utilizing an appointment, we want to insure we are taking care of your needs. We set that time aside so we can focus specifically on your car. We don’t want to waste your valuable time by trying to diagnose your car over the phone. Think about going to the doctor. The doctor can’t diagnose your condition over the phone ethically and instead asks to see you in his office so he can make an accurate diagnoses and prescribe the medication you need. Think of us as your car’s doctor!

Step Four: The Appointment

Walking into an appointment can be nerve wracking, especially if you are new! This is the first opportunity we have to make a face to face impression. We think about what you want to see, how you want to feel, what you smell, what if you touch something. We know, based on research that customers want to see a professional counter and a smiling person behind it. We know you want to feel comfortable and at ease (even if you aren’t at the time). We know you don’t want to smell fuel, fumes, smoke, or even exhaust. We know you want to be able to touch a counter and not have grime on your hands. We want to make sure you are greeted enthusiastically, asked the right questions about your car, given an outline of how the process works, and offering you comfortable place to wait. That appointment is for you to get to know more about us and us to learn more about you. It’s like a first date, where we get to know each other a little bit better.

As we start setting the stage of the repair process, think about how you want to be treated.  Next month we will walk through the process of diagnosis, repair, payment and follow up.