Going Against the Grain

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Auto repair has always had this negative connotation. There are lots of shops out there that scare or try to tug at your heartstrings in order to sell you their services. Some take out full page ads in the local paper highlighting how much they care about children or pets while “the other guys” only care about your money. Some offer deeply discounted oil change services to up sell you on all the “additional” work you need right now to have a safe vehicle. We have even talked to people where shops have recommended services or repairs that were not even needed.

Many repair facilities utilize your emotions when it comes to selling services on your car. As great sales men and women, they use specific words targeted to illicit an emotional response from you in order to sell you on their recommended repairs. Emotional sales tactics are used in many industries. Think about the last time you purchased a new house, a new car, taken medical advice, or even purchased new clothing. Emotions were used to solicit the sale. Auto repair tends to take that sales tactic and turn it up several notches.

No wonder we have such a bad reputation!

As an ethically owned and operated shop, we understand the hesitation you feel walking into our door. We know you have seen the ads, saw how that deeply discounted oil change service really impacted your wallet, and paid for recommended services you found you didn’t need.

The feeling of hesitation is real. The stress you feel is real. We are all lead to make current decisions based on our past experiences. What if we, at Autosmith, can help change your perspective on auto repair?

Let’s talk about educational based decision making. When you have all the information in front of you, the best course of action, and an end result, you start making decisions based on having the full picture. This tactic doesn’t scare you into saying “yes,” it empowers you. It gives you a more informed, reasonable approach to auto repair. Putting the decision making power back into your hands, giving you valuable insight into the repair process of your car.

So here’s our promise to you. We will never put money ahead of people! You come first, period. We will give you recommendations on your car, itemize them in list of importance and let you make the decision whether or not to proceed. We will show you where your car is leaking or needs to be repaired, all you have to do is ask. We will educate you on additional services, giving you all the information you need to make an informed decision on the well being of your car.