Factory Maintenance

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Factory maintenance is one of those items, when you own a car, on your to-do list.  Did you know, factory maintenance can be done at your local repair facility?  I explain why factory maintenance is important and the differences between taking your vehicle to the dealer and your local repair facility.  That way you are empowered and confident when it comes to making the best decision for your vehicle.

Why must I keep up on all the factory maintenance?

Factory maintenance guarantees the warranty on your vehicle.  Next to your home, your vehicle is one of the largest purchases you make in your lifetime.  It’s important to utilize the warranty that goes with your vehicle.  If you choose to skip your 30K service and need to take your car into the dealer for warranty issues, you may be on the hook for the cost of the repair because the warranty may be considered void.

You mean, I don’t have to take my car to the dealer?

Yes!  You can receive the same level (if not better) service at your local shop than taking it to the dealer.  This saves you time and money.  Time, because you aren’t waiting on a shuttle, at Autosmith, we give you a car to drive.  Money because a local shop’s labor rate is anywhere from $15-$20 less per hour than the dealer.  Who doesn’t like more time in their schedule and more money left in their wallet?

What about recalls or service bulletins?

That’s a great question!  Any reputable repair shop will have access to check if your vehicle has a recall or service bulletin on it.  If it does, at Autosmith, we send you to the dealer to have that taken care of for you.  It is unethical to charge you for parts and labor on a recall or service bulletin.  So make sure your local shop has access to that information before you choose to have your vehicle repaired there.  Don’t be afraid to ask!  In order to save money, some shops choose not to subscribe to these services.

How can I trust my local auto repair shop?

That’s the hard part!  As a local repair facility, we strive to earn your trust.  Hopefully soon, the days of walking into a dirty, disorganized shop, with hand written tickets will become a thing of the past.  Unfortunately right now that is still a reality.  At Autosmith, we offer you a clean, organized shop and computer generated tickets with our 2 year, 24,000 mile warranty printed on the back.  We build trust because we believe in relationship.  We have been invested in this community for 11+ years.  I have had personal experience where I was treated unfairly when I took a car into a repair shop.  I knew there was something wrong with my car, and the shop blew me off because I was a woman and the issue was intermittent.  That blow off left me stranded 6 hours from home when my transmission let go.

When you take your car to your local shop, you get to know the mechanic, the owner and in our case even the shop dogs.  A local shop values you as a customer and friend.  We understand you, your time and money are valuable commodities and respect it.  Patronizing a local shop keeps your money in your community.  Local business is the backbone to our economy!

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Jamie Dodd, CPC
Owner, Autosmith Colorado Springs